Online Slots Terminology Explained

When you first start playing online slots you will come across a whole host of terms you don’t understand. Here we’ve put together a list of the most common terminology you will find on casinos.

243 Ways To Win – This means there is a total combination of 243 different ways to win on a single spin. Simply put, this means there are 243 lines.

3 Reel – This refers to a slot with only 3 reels.

5 Reel – Refers to a slot with 5 reels.

Balance – How much money you have to play with.

Bet – This is the amount of coins / money you are spending per spin.

Bet Max – Don’t press this button by accident. This will automatically assign the highest amount of coins that the slot will allow to each pay line. Say for example a slot with 10 lines allows you to bet up to £1 per line, it will total to a £10 spin.

Bonus Feature / Game – This is an additional game that is typically triggered when you get a certain amount of bonus/scatter symbols in a single spin. Some slots have random bonus features that appear out of the blue.

Cash Out – Thanks Mr Casino, I’ll take my winnings now please.

Coins – Coins are a bit like an online casino currency. You decide how many coins you want to bet per line.

Coin Size / Value – The best thing about coins is you decide how much they are worth in real money. You can change the value to almost anything you want it to be, depending on the maximum bet the slot allows.

Free Spins – Everyone’s favourite. A bonus feature that gives you a certain amount of spins for free. Typically this type of feature is where you win the most money (don’t hold us to that!). Free spins can be achieved when you get 3 or more of a specific symbol on the reels in a single spin.

Jackpot – Not to be confused with progressive jackpots. This is the maximum you can possibly win from an online slot.

Machine – Another term used to refer to the slot.

Mobile Casino – Casinos that are available on mobile devices, e.g smart phones and tablets.

Multi Line Slot – A machine that has more than one pay line.

Payline – A line on the slot that you can win on. There are many slots with different ranges of paylines, some have 10 others can have 50. As long as they are active you can win on them.

Paytable – Information on what all the symbols on the reels pay and how you can trigger the slots bonus/freespins if they have the feature.

Progressive Jackpot – What everyone wants to hit. Most jackpot slots have several tiers of cash waiting to be won. Mini – Midi – Mega, we’ll take any of them. The mini jackpots are won the most frequent and hold a lot less money compared to the mega, which is usually in the hundreds of thousands to millions range. This is built up over a period of time and can be won at any moment!

Random Number Generator (RNG) – This is a built in mechanism that determines the randomness of each bet placed. Most casinos have theirs audited and inspected independently to assure nothing dodgy is going on.

Reels – These are the vertical columns the symbols are on. Most slots have 5 reels while the old classics tend to have 3.

Return To Player (RTP) – You can check out our guide to Slot RTP’s.

Scatters – These are symbols that don’t need to be consecutive to each other, they can appear anywhere on the reels and will reward you with usually free spins, bonus games or may act as wild symbols.

Spin – When you press the spin button you will see the reels spin around and stop randomly. This is where you are actually placing your bet.

Variance / Volatility – Both of these terms mean the same thing. In short, they describe the ‘risk’ of the slot. A slot with low volatility means it will pay out more frequently, but with smaller wins. High volatility slots are our favourites, they don’t pay out as frequent, but when they do, you can get some life changing money! A perfect example of a highly volatile slot is Magic Mirror Deluxe II Remember these terms are interchangeable.

Wild / Joker – A symbol that is able to substitute itself for other symbols to form the most powerful winning combinations.