Mobile Casinos – Top UK Mobile Bonuses 2018

Smart phones and tablets are becoming more and more popular by the day, even my nan has a smart phone! With the rise in popularity, online casinos have adapted their softwares to make playing online casino games on the go easy! Here’s the ultimate guide into mobile casinos, what they are, where to play and bonuses!

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Mobile Casino Slots

What Is A Mobile Casino?

Mobile casinos are pretty simply what they say on the tin – a casino you can use to play games anywhere, anytime, on your mobile or tablet device. The “mobile” really refers to the most common device on which people are accessing the casino – their mobile.

Basically, it’s your usual online casino that functions perfectly well on your smartphone or tablet, sometimes functioning better than it would on your desktop computer. Mobile casinos are not separate to your normal online casinos, the same big names in online casinos will also be available in a mobile version.

Mobile casinos are still a relatively new technology, having only become seriously popular over the previous couple of years. Because of this, the technology is still being improved upon and experimented with. Whilst mobile casino technological has come on leaps and bounds in the last ten years, we can safely expect it to progress just as much in the next ten years.

Mobile casinos work across a wide range of operating systems, although the most common are currently iOS and Android. They offer an exclusive selection of games that are adapted to provide a stunning experience on your mobile device, along with some special mobile-only bonuses and promotions!

How To Choose A Mobile Casino:

Firstly – choosing a mobile casino isn’t all that different from choosing an online casino. The same key points remain valid.

Reputation is key. You want to choose a casino that has a reputation of being trustworthy and safe to use. Generally, the bigger the company and the longer it has been operating, the more reputable it is. Read reviews of the casino and check for licensing with the UKGC (if in the UK) or similar regulatory agency.

Make sure the device you are using (whether it is smartphone or tablet) is compatible with the casino. Generally, most mobile casinos will be compatible with any devices manufactured in the last ten years or so. If your operating system is not iOS or Android be sure to read the casino’s small print and make sure they cater for that.

Make sure your preferred payment method is offered. Most mobile casinos accept a variety of payment methods, making sure your preferred method is OK makes for a better experience and ease of use.

Spend some time crawling through our pages detailing the promotions and bonuses offered by different casinos. The best online casinos offer special promotions to mobile customers to entice you in!

Make sure there is a decent selection of games offered. You’ll soon get bored if only a few dozen games are offered, check for progressive jackpots, table games, slots, live casino – whatever you prefer and whatever takes your fancy.

Lastly, make sure they have good customer support. All mobile casinos will offer various platforms through which to contact their customer support – the live chat option being the most useful and frequented. If you have any questions, shoot them over to the customer support representatives and they should be able to help you out.

iPhone And iPad Casinos:

All iPhone and iPad devices automatically have access to mobile casinos. Since iOS is one of the most popular operating systems worldwide, casinos have put a lot of effort and spent lots of money making sure they are fully accessible to iOS users.

iOS users don’t necessarily need to download any app or software in order to make the mobile casino work on their device, but if you do, ensure you download an approved casino app from the AppStore. Most mobile casinos enable you to play straight from Safari or your chosen web browser to save valuable space on your device.

Android Casinos:

Like iOS users, Android users will also automatically have access to most mobile casinos. The advice for Android users is mostly the same as that for iOS – you don’t necessarily have to download anything in order to play, but if you do make sure it is an approved casino app from the GooglePlay Store.

Mobile Casinos vs Online Casinos – What’s The Difference?

mobile vs online casinoMobile casinos and online casinos are pretty much the same – the only difference is in how you access them. Smart phone/tablet and online will have the same casinos, the same companies, the same game providers. ‘Mobile’ just means they are accessed via a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) whereas online casinos are generally accessed via desktop computers and laptops.

A good analogy is that of Facebook. Facebook itself remains the same but can be accessed on a variety of devices.

The advantages of mobile casinos are, however, massive. You are able to access mobile casinos wherever you are, whenever, as long as you have an internet connection. The simplicity of mobile casinos goes a long way to alleviating boredom and increasing the fun involved in playing.

With mobile casinos, the games you play generally cover the entire screen. This makes for a much better and much more immersive experience. All games on mobile casinos will be touch screen enabled, making them much more user friendly and intuitive to play.

How To Play At Mobile Casinos:

Let’s start by reminding you of a few quick things. Whilst mobile casinos now have an excellent selection of games, not all games available on an online casino will also be available on a mobile casino. Take your time exploring different game experiences and finding what you like best – it’s your experience that matters. Whilst slot games seem to work the best on mobile casinos, live dealer games will generally also be available.

Spend some time following our advice in regarding choosing a mobile casino, then click our link and head on over to the casino webpage. Enter your details, sign up and deposit (hopefully collecting your tasty deposit bonus whilst doing so!). At this point, you can either continue playing on the casino website or switch over to the casino app if you prefer. Find your favourite game and then get playing, it’s that simple!

Mobile Casino Apps

In the mobile and smartphone world everything is about apps these days. There’s an app for everything, including most mobile casinos. As we’ve already said though, you don’t necessarily have to use to casino app if you don’t want to. It may sound a bit repetitive, but it really is as simple as going to the casino webpage from your chosen web browser. The effort casinos put into making responsive websites really shows.

Whether it’s best to use an app or your web browser depends on the operating system of the device you are using. For Android and iOS, both apps and web pages work equally well and there’s not much difference between the two – it’s just down to your personal preference.

For other devices such as Windows phones and Blackberry, not many mobile casinos create apps for these devices. This is simply down to how much the smartphone or tablet market is controlled by Android and iOS devices – it doesn’t make much sense for casinos to pour money into creating an app that won’t be used very often. For these devices, it’s best to use your web browser.

Mobile Casinos – Changing The Way We Gamble

Mobile CasinosWhen online casinos were first introduced way back in the 90s, it took consumers a while to get used to them. Much like most technology of that era, they had poor user experiences and were mostly hyped just because it was something new.

Now, almost 30 years later, the online casino industry is estimated to be one of the top three biggest online industries. The majority of people have used an online casino at least once in their lives – whether they’re playing slots or placing a bet on the football. Long gone are the days when most gambling was done in physical betting shops or casinos.

In 2018, online casinos are a far cry from their humble beginnings. There is now a considerable amount of competition around for online casinos, generally more competition leads to increased variety and better user experiences as they all fight to be the best and attract you as a customer. Mobile casinos are one of the biggest shake ups the industry has seen since the advent of the first online casinos.

The initial mobile casinos of around 10 years ago were similar to the first online casinos of the 90s – they were glitchy and unsophisticated; taking forever to load and constantly freezing as the software struggled to keep up with the gameplay. They were not at all user friendly, leading to frustrated customers and poor experiences all round.

Mobile casinos now include the full scope of the online casino – no longer do we have to deal with a depressingly limited selection of games. Technological advances mean that the casinos website automatically recognises the device you are using to access it and adjusts automatically to ensure the best user experience – the possibilities are truly endless for this sector of gambling.

Now, every mobile player can experience seamless gameplay wherever they are. The incredible advances in technology mean that we can play wherever, whenever, and have a fantastic and stress-free adventure. Mobile casinos have changed the way we gamble and continue to shape the future of gambling.

The Mobile Casino Bonus

Smart Phone CasinoLet’s face it – everyone loves free cash. When it comes to bonuses and promotions where free money (or the chance to earn free money) are involved, we all jump at the chance. Unfortunately for existing players, the best offers (as always) are generally reserved for new customers. This doesn’t mean that existing players are exempt from bonuses and promotions – they often get emailed out and you’ve got nothing to lose by just plain asking.

The most common offer is a cash deposit bonus. This is where the casino matches or improves upon your deposit automatically and is often expressed in percentages. For example, a casino may offer a 200% deposit bonus. This means that if you deposit £10, they will credit you with an extra £20 (200% of your deposit) bringing your total credit to £30.

Just remember – these are ultimately designed to lure you in as a customer. All promotions and bonuses come with their own T&C’s.

The Pro’s And Con’s of Mobile Casinos


  • You can play anywhere, anytime. As long as you’ve got an internet connection, you can play to your hearts content.
  • Mobile casinos work on both mobile phones and tablets, giving you more choice about what you use to play.
  • Hundreds of games are now offered from top game providers, improving your experience.
  • Mobile users often get exclusive offers and promotions


  • Mobile casinos may have dedicated iOS or Android apps
  • Older phones and tablets may be limited to what they can access

FAQ’s About Mobile Casinos

Is my device compatible?
Rest assured that most smartphones and tablets made in the last 10 years will be compatible. If in doubt, always check the casinos webpage.
Can I play for real money?
Of course! Mobile casinos will always have a variety of payment options. They will also have the option to play for fun (“free play” or “practice play” on all except live casino games with live dealers.
What’s the best game to play on mobile?
We tend to think that slots are the best game to play on mobile, as they seem to provide the best user experience.
Do mobile casinos use a lot of data?
Put simply: yes. Most mobile casinos include 3D graphics and live streaming of casino games, so you may notice your data usage significantly increasing. It’s a good idea to keep an eye no your data usage to make sure you don’t end up with a hefty phone bill.